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Tony & Dwee Cooke

The Dream Academy

Tony & Dwee Cooke

Welcome to The Dream Academy

making dream interpretation available to all believers

About Us...

My wife Dwee and I have been teaching, training and developing courses on biblical dream interpretation for well over 15 years. As Directors of Streams Training Centre England we were trained, mentored and befriended by the late John Paul Jackson. Our mission is to make a positive change to the way the Church understands dreams by drawing together Courses and community support all on one platform. Welcome to The Dream Academy!

Why Join Us?...

Learning HOW to interpret dreams is the easy part. The more difficult thing is to develop the experience and confidence to 'get out there' and actually interpret dreams. 

That building of experience and confidence requires a safe place to practise whilst being helped and encouraged by others who have more experience. In other words it requires support from a community of like-minded people who are passionate about dreams.

With The Dream Academy you can learn via online Courses; and watch videos of dreams being interpreted; be part of a community posting up your dreams for other Members to interpret; adding your own thoughts and comments on Members dreams; joining in on online Q & A sessions and discussion groups; interpret dreams together; be mentored and coached and keep up with opportunities for outreach using dream interpretation.  

Because it's online, The Dream Academy is available to English speakers from all over the world. Join in the adventure by signing up to The Dream Academy where you can learn, contribute, share and meet together in a way that, until now, has not been possible. It's genuinely a breakthrough and really exciting.

"Learning to understand my dreams using the biblical model has enabled me to enjoy a level of relationship with God that I never knew was possible before. God has been speaking to me through dreams all my life and I never knew it! This is something I think every Christian would benefit from." - JN

WE have a dream....

"I began having dreams which I knew where full of meaning but didn't know how to interpret them. Taking a biblical dreams course unlocked an amazing season in my life, where God clearly spoke through my dreams." - CC

For years we have had a God-given call to teach on biblical dream interpretation. With the Dream Academy we can spread God's amazing gift of sleep dreams to more of His church. Dreams should not be considered weird by the church; the Bible is full of dreams that changed history. Let's join together to alter how the Church understands dreams and change history!

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